Usage & Instructions

Children’s Use:

  • School or Creche wear (Iron-on Labels)
  • Sportswear (Iron-on Labels)
  • Shoes (Shoe Labels)
  • Lunchboxes (Name Labels)
  • Toys (Name Labels)
  • Books (Address Labels)
  • Bags (Address Labels)
  • Bottles (Name Labels)
  • Pencils/Pens(Pencil Labels)
  • Portable gaming and music devices (iPods, MP3 Players, PSP, Nintendo DS etc) (Name Labels)

Adult Use:

  • Clothing (Large Iron-on Labels)
  • Sports gear and equipment (Name Labels)
  • Laptops (Name Labels)
  • Portable gaming and music devices (Name Labels)
  • Books (Address Labels)
  • DVD’s and CD’s (Pencil Labels)
  • Envelopes (Mini-Address Labels)


Label Application Instructions

Instructions for Iron on Labels

(The Iron-On labels have a clear backing paper)

  1. Remove a label from the clear backing paper.
  2. Place the Label print side up onto the garment and place the blue protective sheet on top of the label texture side down (side with X down).
  3. Press down on the label with a hot iron NO STEAM for 15 seconds, applying a good amount of pressure.
  4. Allow garment to COOL completely before peeling off the Blue Sheet.

Note: The blue application sheet is re-usable.

Instructions for Stick on Labels

(The Stick-on labels have a white backing sheet)

  1. Remove the stick on labels from the white backing sheet.
  2. Place the label on the item and with some pressure apply, making sure to smooth out all bubbles from the inside out.
  3. Shoe Labels come with a clear protective sheet to be placed on top of the shoe label ( to help protect the label from wear and tear)

Note: To get maximum longevity on all labels please apply in the area of least wear on the item.
(e.g. apply pencil labels to top of pencils and name labels away from where the item is held).