Pencil Labels

Our pencil labels are the smallest labels we provide and are small enough to fit on the side of a pen or pencil. Though not expensive, pens and pencils can mean a lot to a child and making them easily identifiable can avoid upset when the child misplaces one.

The labels of course can be used on any small item and have been used for children’s dummies, reading glasses, asthma inhalers, etc. The labels are made from vinyl and come pre-printed with the person’s name which can be printed in a choice of colours and fonts. Due to their limited size, we do not print icons on pencil labels.

Pencil Labels Sample

Pencil Labels - Product Information

  • Dimensions:
  • Quantity (per set):
  • Icons Allowed:
  • Price (per set):
  • 30mm x 6mm
  • 92
  • No
  • from €11.00

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